Scot and Heather

We’ve lived here at Achintee Farm for 24 years.

Scot has been in Glen Nevis since 1965 and lived at Glen Nevis Youth Hostel with his parents, who were Wardens of the Hostel.

Heather came to the Glen in 1972 on holiday from Canada and decided to stay.

We both worked in the Youth Hostel for a while, then started a Forestry business.

In 1988 we built a Gallery, Craft Shop in Glen Nevis and later added a small Restaurant, Cafe Beag, which we ran until 1999. When we sold it to buy Achintee Farm.

We have two sons, who both live locally. The younger one Dominic is a partner in the business.

We know lots about this area, and about many of the other parts of the Highlands. We’re always happy to share that knowledge, so please feel free to ask.

Achintee Farm

The Farmhouse has been a Guest House since the 1970s.

The name “Achintee” (Ach-an-t-suidh in gaelic) has two suggested translations.

Either ” the field of the stormy blast” or ” the chair shaped field”.

The prefix “ach” means field.

Achintee Farm In Glen nevis

Achintee Farm In Glen nevis

The fields around the house are still used for sheep grazing and the shepherd who looks after them has a farm over the hill about five miles away.

As recently as the 1960s crops were also grown in the fields and cows were kept and milked at the barn, now the “Ben Nevis Inn”.

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