Follow the river …. from the garden gate all the way to upper Glen Nevis.

On the way you’ll see …

Highland Cattle

Highland cows grazing on the flats ( 2 miles) – maybe have a closer look with a guided tour.

The Lower Falls

The Lower Falls at Pollduh ( 3 miles) ….. there’s a circular walk along the river to Paddy’s Bridge – to return cross over the bridge and come back down the single track road. This walk is about two miles long in total.

Steall Falls

At the end of the glen road ( 5 miles) the Waterslide from the top of Ben Nevis drops down to the car park. Also, the footpath through the Glen Nevis Gorge to Upper Steall Falls starts from here.

Walking in Glen Nevis

The Glen also has a limited bus service and a public road so, you can take an easier option to explore if you don’t want to walk so far.

Glen Nevis has been used as a movie set for films including Harry Potter, Braveheart and Rob Roy.

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